About rethinking the insider threats from Forcepoint experts and bloggers

A little more from Forcepoint experts and bloggers about rethinking the insider threat and what it means when everyone works at home …… It became obvious that managing and supporting a completely remote workforce is not a one-time problem, but a new way of working.
For CISOs and their security teams, this also means we’re quickly moving into a new reality where compliance to global IT standards (ISO, NIST, CMMC, etc.) is only the starting point. But in the near future it will affect employees and your business as a whole:

  • It requires embracing new ways to work with colleagues and partners.
  • It requires them to be more diligent in how they handle sensitive company information, especially at remote workplaces.
  • It requires them to operate with a higher level of understanding how to keep data secure.
  • It means embracing new security policies designed to protect both physical and digital data.

More details in the vendor’s blog: