Organizing WiFi coverage

WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is literally translated from English as “wireless loyalty”. WiFi technology is one of the formats for transmitting digital data over radio channels. Originally, WiFi devices were designed for corporate users to replace traditional cable networks.

The scope of application of WiFi technology is very extensive.  WiFi can be used both domestically, i.e. in a residential area, and as a corporate standard. These technologies have covered all areas of human life, for example, cafes and restaurants, where the Internet via WiFi is provided to guests for a more pleasant and convenient pastime. WiFi is also installed in various enterprises to ensure fast data exchange between employees and their communication with external organizations regarding the work-related issues.

WiFi technology is used to establish

  • Corporate (departmental) wireless networks established by companies for their own needs.
  • Operator wireless networks established by telecom operators for the provision of paid services.

A brief way to classify the WiFi technology used could be to specify its two most significant featurs: the maximum data transfer rate and the maximum distance.

INTRASYSTEMS has a dedicated team of specialists in establishing corporate networks utilizing WiFi technologies and extensive experience in implementing solutions based on WiFi technologies in the corporate sector using equipment made by various manufacturers.


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