Organizing Point-to-Point radio communication

Radio relay communication is a type of terrestrial radio communication based on multiple retransmission of radio signals. Radio relay communication is typically carried out between stationary objects.

Currently, radio relay systems are used to connect remote objects to a single network when it is not possible to link together remote computer networks, or if laying fiber-optic trunks is economically unprofitable, as well as to create trunk channels of the reference network for telecom operators.

INTRASYSTEMS offers SAF brand solutions developed by SAF Tehnika (Latvia) on the Ukrainian market.

INTRASYSTEMS is a long-time partner and exclusive distributor of SAF Tehnika.

SAF Tehnika products have proven themselves as functional, fault-tolerant and high-quality solutions. One of the advantages of SAF Tehnika equipment is its modular structure allowing to apply the system within the scope of the special requirements of any organization. This equipment provides high-speed data transmission, configuration flexibility, additional features and ease of use for communication networks. Due to the advanced technologies, the SAF Tehnika product line provides a wide range of opportunities for users today and in the future.


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