IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of objects connected via the Internet or through other communication channels that can collect and exchange data received from embedded services.

Where is it used? In fact, in any industry where something can be automated. IoT is developing especially actively in such areas as the agricultural sector, logistics, and Smart City. That is, where there is a need for remote monitoring of the state of objects or collecting big data for subsequent analysis. IoT makes it possible to save on equipment maintenance costs: sensors collect information on its condition, so maintenance and repair are carried out exactly when it is necessary and in a timely manner.

INTRASYSTEMS offers a complex solution developed by SAF Tehnika (Latvia) and produced under the Aranet brand name. This is a complete solution (possible options: on-premise or cloud) running on LoRaWAN technology, which includes various wireless sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.), base stations and a mobile application. Aranet solutions are a complete ecosystem with centralized collection of various environmental parameters from wireless sensors for subsequent analysis and processing. The main areas of application are manufacturing, industry, agriculture, food production, smart homes, health care, hospitals, infrastructure, etc.


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