Improving 3G/4G/LTE indoors connection

Since 2016 mobile operators began to launch a new generation of 3G and 4G networks working in accordance with the UMTS and LTE communication standards was launched in Ukraine. The specifics of the propagation of the radio signals according to these standards are the so-called attenuation of the signal when passing through various physical obstacles, such as glass, walls, ceilings, etc. As a result, there is a deterioration in the quality of communication indoors.

In order to improve the quality of 3G and 4G communication inside the premises, INTRASYSTEMS offers the CEL-FI brand solutions manufactured by Nextivity Inc. (USA). These solutions are intelligent communication signal boosters and help to solve the issue of voice quality and data transmission in indoor environments easily and quickly. CEL-FI solutions operate successfully and efficiently in apartments, private homes, restaurants, offices, warehouses, business centers and even in cars while driving.

INTRASYSTEMS is a long-time partner and exclusive distributor of CEL-FI solutions developed by Nextivity.

CEL-FI system operation digital principle:

After switching on, CEL-FI booster automatically recognize the signal of the desired operator and boost it without conflicting with other cellular and Wi-Fi networks and CEL-FI devices.

CEL-FI solutions do not interfere with the operation of other telecom operators’ networks, as they are digital channel amplifiers and and work with a specific operator.

All the CEL-FI models are officially imported to Ukraine and certified according to the requirements of the state authorities in the field of communications.


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