First Line Technical Support

The first line technical support serves as a “single entry point” for customer questions and inquiries. The customers may operate a whole fleet of various equipment, and when it is necessary to interact directly with the technical support of a manufacturer, the customer’s staff may have a number of nuances affecting the speed of solving an issue.

The first line technical support specialists determine the qualitative characteristics of a request, for example: set priorities, request additional information, classify and form inquiries in such a manner that they are understandable for a manufacturer’s support center, etc.

The first line can solve the simplest issues independently relying on its specialized expertise and experience. Depending on the specifics of the industry and the methods of dividing support on the line, the request rate, that is, closed requests on the first line, can reach 80%. And in the absence of the first line, not only the simplest issues, but also the accidental requests (“wrong number” category) are forced to be solved by qualified employees, and the cost of solving such issues turns out to be quite high.

In order to support projects involving the provision of technical support for end customers, INTRASYSTEMS has established a Technical Support Center.

The INTRASYSTEMS Technical Support Center operates 24×7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) and allows to receive requests:

  • by calling the call center
  • by email
  • via the Service Desk web interface