Corporate Network and Endpoint Protection

A new approach to provide comprehensive security of enterprise assets both inside and outside the network is the use of trap technology allowing to identify and block intruders at an early stage.

The lure technology automates the creation of traps that mix between and within existing IT resources to provide a level of security against malicious attacks penetrated the network. The traps are IT assets that either use real licensed software of an operating system or are simulations of these devices and “lure” the process of malware injection away in the wrong direction. The IoT devices remain the main targets for attackers on the network. The trap technology can identify intruders who enter the network using such devices

The trap technology usually allows to carry out automatic static and dynamic analysis of injected malware, and it generates these analysis reports for security services.

Such technologies are divided into:

  • Deception System
  • Honeypot
  • Honeytoken
  • Honeynet


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