Application Security

Applications are often a critical point in an enterprise infrastructure, and the existance of vulnerabilities in them can lead to unauthorized access to applications and introduction of unwanted changes to them.

The current state of information security in the corporate environment makes it essential for almost every company to develop the processes of detecting vulnerabilities in developed applications. The main trends are manifested in the implementation of security principles in the development, testing and operation of applications:

  • Application security during development
  • Application security during operation
  • Virtual Environment Security

The static and dynamic application scanning technologies are used to ensure security. The static scanners examine the source code for vulnerabilities for further correction. The dynamic scanners do the same thing by analyzing an already running application.

The application security during operation is provided by the web application firewall (WAF) and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology detecting and blocking attacks on applications in real time by adding protection functions to the runtime environment, which ensures application self-protection capability.

In addition, there are technologies that ensure the security of the environment and the development process which also reduce the risks of vulnerabilities and compromising applications, including solutions for ensuring the security of containerization and various systems-training programs to improve the skills of secure programming.


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