Information Security

Network Perimeter Security

// Network Perimeter Security

Corporate Network Security

// Corporate Network Security

Endpoint Protection

// Endpoint Protection

Corporate Network and Endpoint Protection

// Corporate Network and Endpoint Protection

Application Security

// Application Security

Vulnerability Management

// Vulnerability Management

Data Protection

// Data Protection

Information Security Monitoring and Management

// Information Security Monitoring and Management


// DevSecOps

Identity and Access Management

// Identity and Access Management

The CyberSecurity direction has been developing in INTRASYSTEMS company since its incorporation and is currently one of the top priorities of INTRASYSTEMS. To date, this direction covers all CyberSecurity areas and is constantly updated with new solutions. The CyberSecurity team thoroughly tests all new security solutions in its own demo lab.

The team of Information Security specialists is actively developing and growing. A specially dedicated team of experts is swelling its ranks with new professionals and certified specialists.  It is safe to say that we have one of the strongest and most efficient CyberSecurity departments on the market.  This, in turn, has a qualitative impact on the implementation of major projects in the telecom, banking, and energy sectors on which they are working productively.

INTRASYSTEMS has repeatedly mentioned in its articles about the experimental project regarding the admission of students of the State University of Telecommunications for work placement. Since 2019, as a result of careful selection, several successful and talented students of the University department have already been working in the CyberSecurity team at INTRASYSTEMS. A continuation of the experiment was the recent addition of new young and very productive technical specialists to the Cybersecurity team.