The enhancing cellular network signal project implementation for “RDO UKRAINE”

The enhancing cellular network signal project implementation for “RDO UKRAINE”

Project implementation year: 2021
Project’s background.

“RDO UKRAINE”, a large agricultural equipment dealer faced serious issues with the quality of cellular network in their new service and demonstration center in Cherkasy oblast.

Since the use of cellular network is crucial for the stable work of the company’s business, the client has decided to solve the problem by going to INTRASYSTEMS specialists.

Choosing the solution and its implementation.

Having done a complex analysis and radio examination of the object, it was decided to use Cel-Fi, made by Nextivity, for this project. This intellectual solution of the carrier class that supports 3G/4G/LTE cellular data standards provides the optimal coverage that automatically adjusts to changing conditions of the network. This product guarantees a maximal coefficient of signal strengthening. Simple set up in Plug&Play mode and scaling ranging from a small office to a large enterprise provides significant advantages over the competition in the market.

Why Cel-Fi?


  • The equipment is certified in Ukraine and is officially provided to Ukrainian market by INTRASYSTEMS;


  • It expands the coverage zone, improves the voice and cellular data quality;


  • It increases the 3G/4G signal quality in the needed area depending on the selected solution;


  • 3G (UMTS2100) and 4G (LTE900/1800/2600) depending on the selected solution;


  • Intellectual work algorithms and own mobile app WAVE APP allow a simpler installation and use.

The use of Cel-Fi Go X provides the opportunity to improve the network in 3G/4G range for one carrier or in 3G range for two cellular network carriers, allowing to strengthen the signal at a 100 dB level and guarantee the work safety within the network.


The project implementation along with the use of Cel-Fi Go X equipment boosted drastically the quality of cellular network (voice calls and cellular data) on the office territory, and in the warehouse zone of “RDO UKRAINE”. It enabled the polishing of the key work processes of different departments in the company that use cellular network as an irreplaceable mean of communication between the departments, ordering customers and clients.

“RDO UKRAINE” founded in 2012 is an official dealer of agricultural equipment of John Deere, Fast, Geringhoff, Hagie, Kramer, Mazzotti, Monosem, Sulky, Vaderstad, Lindsay in Vinnytsia, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr oblasts.