INTRASYSTEMS implemented the client internet portal for “INGO Ukraine”.

INTRASYSTEMS implemented the client internet portal for “INGO Ukraine”.

Project implementation year: 2018
Project’s background.

After introducing the obligatory insurance of civil legal liability for the owners of ground vehicles, the insurance companies started searching for new channels of selling their services.

In 2017 INTRASYSTEMS received a request from the largest insurance company “INGO Ukraine” to develop and launch a multifunctional internet portal for interaction with the company’s clients, that would be also used for sales of a wide range of voluntary and obligatory insuring services for private individuals. The electronic format of purchasing the insurance was not very popular at that point, but the market leaders saw the potential and many benefits in it. It saved the time for both the customer and the seller, enabling the purchase of insurance certificate in a matter of minutes staying at home or at the office.

Choosing the solution and implementation.

To implement this project the client chose the solution from a leading software company beforehand on their own and the INTRASYSTEMS specialists had the needed skills to implement it. With huge experience in the enterprise automation, our specialists developed and implemented business processes necessary for providing car insurance services, according to the requirements and they also set up the integration platform based on the selected solution.


In the end, the INTRASYSTEMS specialists developed an online channel for selling obligatory insurance of civil legal liability for the owners of ground vehicles and they launched the first multifunctional internet portal “INGO Ukraine” in Ukraine for selling all the voluntary and obligatory services of insuring the private individuals. After the project had been implemented the number of insurance certificates purchased online only grew up, allowing “INGO Ukraine” to expand the client pool dramatically.

On the other hand, insurance company clients have an option of calculation, purchase and filing for the insurance certificate online, saving them a ton of time and receiving the document to their email. That is because the insurance certificate in PDF format has the same legal power as the regular certificate purchased in an office.

To purchase the certificate online the client has to follow three simple steps:

  • Fill out the inquiry;
  • Pay for the service online;
  • Receive the certificate to their email.

“INGO Ukraine” is a flagship in the Ukrainian insurance market, it’s a constantly evolving company that is on top among the insurance companies of Ukraine in terms of own assets and compensations for insurance. High financial stability and professional people provide a reliable insurance that builds the high reputation for the company among the clients and partners.