INTRASYSTEMS implemented a solution for mobile devices management (MDM) for PJSC “Ukrtelecom” in 2019.

INTRASYSTEMS implemented a solution for mobile devices management (MDM) for PJSC “Ukrtelecom” in 2019.

Project implementation year: 2019
Project’s background.

In 2018 INTRASYSTEMS won a tender for implementing the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the employees of Ukrtelecom.

For the transition to the digital format with the focus on the mobility and transformation of the business processes the client had the following tasks:

  • Supporting the employees that are not working in the offices;
  • Increasing the level of service and thus satisfaction of the clients;
  • Ensuring the consistency of the processes;
  • Guaranteeing the safety of corporate data.

Choosing the solution and implementation.

In terms of an open contest for selecting the MDM solution and according to the results of a complex analysis of the who list of offers from the tender participants, the client selected MobileIron.

They required the support of Android 5.1. and an option of remote connection and/or mobile phone screen demonstration.

Why MobileIron?

MobileIron solutions helps the IT specialist to resolve the main problem related to transferring important corporate data to mobile devices. With it the IT specialists get a full understanding and control over the data stored on mobile devices, user activity and apps to ensure the safety of corporate data, lower the risks and provide the convenience of an every-day use of corporate mobile devices.

MobileIron platform combines safety and tools of Enterprise mobility management (EMM), including traditional mobile devices (MDM), mobile applications management (MAM) and option to control mobile content management (MCM). IT administrators can manage the life cycle of the device and its apps, starting with the registration and ending with device disposal.

This solution allows to remotely resolve incidents with mobile devices, use non-traditional devices in corporate environment and it secures the safety of critical data according to the Zero Trust concept.


The solution was used on the local resources of the Client.

The project implementation allowed “Ukrtelecom” to increase the level of convenience of managing mobile devices, control of data safety on the devices with access to corporate resources. This implementation guarantees the steadiness of work when using modern mobile solutions, providing a high level of client services, thus gaining their loyalty. MobileIron vendor says this is the largest implementation in the Eastern Europe, noting it at the international forum MobileIron LIVE! 2019 in Berlin.

Remember, “Ukrtelecom” infrastructure has more than 1.5 million kilometers of connection lines which is used by more than 4 million users.