INTRASYSTEMS has improved the mobile coverage quality of a large Bank.

INTRASYSTEMS has improved the mobile coverage quality of a large Bank.

Project implementation year: 2019
Project background.

In 2019, INTRASYSTEMS received an appeal from one of the Ukrainian State Banks with a request to help solve the problem of insufficient quality of mobile coverage within bank branches throughout Ukraine.

The bank had 2 main tasks. The first is to improve the quality of customer service for banking transactions related to mobile devices. The second is to qualitatively raise the level of interaction and communication between bank employees and customers, as well as improve communication and accelerate the interaction of bank personnel in operational work with each other at workplaces.

Choosing the solution and implementation.

After studying the situation and the bank’s requirements in detail, INTRASYSTEMS specialists suggested using Cel-Fi equipment manufactured by Nextivity as a solution. Cel-Fi products are intelligent carrier-class solutions that support 3G / 4G / LTE standards.

Since 2016 Nextivity equipment is officially supplied to Ukraine for use on the networks of Ukrainian mobile operators.

Further, it was decided to pilot the project in one of the bank branches, where the equipment was installed, all settings were made and testing was carried out. As a result of the pilot, the bank received confirmation of the effectiveness of the chosen solution and the project started at the beginning of 2020!

Why Cel-Fi?


  • Increases the coverage area; improves voice and data transmission at the same time


  • Improves the quality of 3G / 4G signal on the required area, depending on the chosen solution


  • 3G (UMTS2100) and 4G (LTE900 / 1800/2600) depending on the chosen solution


  • Smart algorithms and own mobile WAVE APP simplify installation and operation

Implementation specifics.

The project was implemented in stages. The bank sent applications to INTRASYSTEMS through the service desk with information about the branches in which it was required to improve communication. The bank has a fairly wide geography of the location of branches throughout Ukraine. For this reason, to process each application, it was required to very quickly plan the departure of the engineering staff to implement the tasks for each application. In addition, each building of a bank branch, due to the diversity of its architecture of construction, has its own individual specifics of equipment placement. Therefore, our engineers required special experience, approach and qualifications to carry out high-quality installation of all equipment.


Today, the coverage quality in the bank’s branches has significantly improved and the number of confirmed successful banking transactions of the bank’s clients has increased. Bank branch employees react positively about the significant improvement in mobile communication in the workplace. The client experience and interaction with the bank’s staff also improved qualitatively.