New computers in the computer science cabinet at the boarding school in Komarovka!

INTRASYSTEMS continues a good tradition of charitable assistance to a boarding school in the village of Komarovka, Chernihiv region this year .

More than 100 pupils of school age and preschool age children study in this educational institution. It is no secret that children in such institutions often need not only simple household items, but also modern facilities for full education and development, for their readiness to adapt in society. The simple human attention, new acquaintances and communication skills are equally important for them!

The teaching staff of the boarding school attaches great importance to these aspects and, in connection with this, has set for itself and is working on such a methodological task: “Forming the self-educational competence of students and teachers by introducing innovative technologies into the educational process”.
And that is why the INTRASYSTEMS charity mission was the delivery and updating of the computer science cabinet with modern computers this time! On December 6, 2019, 13 brand-new modern monoblocks by Impression arrived at the boarding school  computer class. INTRASYSTEMS representatives during their visit talked with children and teachers, introdused our company and activity, gave everyone small gifts and the necessary things and medicines were collected by all INTRASYSTEMS employees. All this left behind a lot of positive emotions and gratitude from the teachers and students of the institution, which they shared in the school news on its website.

“The children and teaching staff of the Komarovskaya general boarding school thanks the General Director Andrii Shevchenko and all the employees of the INTRASYSTEMS company for such significant help that they rendered the institution from the bottom of their hearts. Many human thanks to you for being able to share love with those who lack it on this earth. We are always pleased to feel the warmth of many hearts that support children’s destinies and help in the implementation of many children’s dreams and wishes. Everything presented to children leaves them with a deep trace of goodness and hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you!!!”- says the director of the boarding school V. A. Strizhenko.