INTRASYSTEMS has entered into a partnership agreement with Balabit

INTRASYSTEMS has entered into a partnership agreement with Balabit, a global manufacturer of security systems and technologies – Balabit IT Security, a leader in monitoring privileged access, logging and proxy technologies.

Currently, the task of monitoring the access of privileged users to information resources is one of the key for many enterprises. Creation of double control using Balabit IT Security solutions helps to reduce the risks of illegal changes in the IT infrastructure and as a result to reduce the unauthorized access to confidential information.

That is why INTRASYSTEMS experts focused on perspective and popular among customers, vendor’s solutions – Balabit Shell Control Box, which was created for the audit and protection of privileged access to workstations, servers and network devices. The INTRASYSTEMS team expanded the knowledge base by obtaining the necessary Balabit certificates, and replenished thereby its existing product portfolio. The company also confirmed the vendor’s solutions demand with the first projects.

The Balabit is committed in its development to meet the market needs through constant innovation of its core technologies and products. For INTRASYSTEMS, entering into a partnership agreement with Balabit is not only access to the product portfolio, but also one more important step in the company’s strategy implementing – to provide customers with only high quality and innovative solutions in projects of any complexity level.