INTRASYSTEMS announces the replenishment of the team specialists in the 3 strategic directions at once!

Despite the realities of work in a quarantine environment and a general recession in the system integration market, our company notes an ever-increasing customers interest and activity in such interconnected areas as IDM / IAM and Information Security, especially Cybersecurity.

Needless to say “why”?
In the era of remote work, the channels for connecting employees to the complex infrastructure of large companies have changed, the ways of such connection have increased quantitatively. In addition to the already well-known advantages of implementing IDM solutions, increasing risks affect demand, and at the same time, there remains a need to improve the access control process efficiency as a whole.

A special team of IDM direction experts of INTRASYSTEMS has replenished its ranks with new professionals certified as specialists in the field of Identity and Access Management. And this has already had a qualitative impact on the implementation of new large projects in the telecom, banking and energy, on which they are productively working.

INTRASYSTEMS has repeatedly mentioned in its updates about the experimental project with the acceptance of students of the State University of Telecommunications for practice. As a result of careful selection, since 2019, several successful and talented students of the department are already working in INTRASYSTEMS. A continuation of the experiment was the recent joining of new young and highly productive tech specialists to the Cybersecurity team.

In connection with the above, it was logically correct to make the decision to strengthen the capabilities of the INTRASYSTEMS sales team. It is pleased to be joined by specialists in the field of sales of Citrix, IBM and Oracle solutions.

As you know, every recession is followed by growth. The steady development of technologies, analytical forecasts, and deep knowledge and understanding of the IT market require the INTRASYSTEMS team to improve its intellectual baggage, its own expertise and human resources in order to maximize the quality of all the requirements of its customers.