INTRASYSTEMS announces the obtaining of Oracle GOLD Partner status

INTRASYSTEMS became Oracle GOLD level business-partner, by continuing successful cooperation within the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) program and demonstrating its high professional growth and partner level.

Having obtained the Oracle Gold Partner status, INTRASYSTEMS achieves the right to develop, sell and implement any Oracle solutions, including the databases, middleware, storage systems and server systems, boxed and industry solutions. Gold status – is not only the first participation level in the OPN, which provides the access to all Oracle products, but also the opportunity to begin work on creating  own specialization and developing the required competencies.

Nowadays INTRASYSTEMS has a dedicated team of specialists focused on growing the company’s expertise in selling and implementing Oracle solutions in the field of security and corporate resources management. The company plans to expand the scope of its customers’ services too. All this is feasible by increasing the competences and developing own solutions on the Oracle platform, as well as by creating effective price policy to customers, thanks to the new status – Oracle Gold Partner.

The Gold status – is the next step in strengthening INTRASYSTEMS’s positions on the market and high quality guarantee of services that we provide our clients with. This status indicates the Oracle’s recognition of INTRASYSTEMS’s course chosen for the maximum concentration of efforts on successful solution of current customers’ tasks based on ORACLE products and increasing the efficiency of their business. This is our main priority on the way of new trends and innovative solutions development in system integration.