INTRASYSTEMS announces the achievement of HP Partner First Silver Partner status

INTRASYSTEMS announces the newly achieved HP partner status – HP Partner First Silver.

HP Partner First Silver partner status assigning means that INTRASYSTEMS not only received the appropriate certification, but it also has professionals who are deeply versed in the products and innovative HP technologies. The company has proved also the compliance with this criterion by increasing the business financial performance.

Thanks to the HP Partner First Silver status, INTRASYSTEMS has expanded access to HP resources, knowledge base and joint marketing tools, which allows it to develop and implement solutions that meet the present market and each customer’s business needs.

The new INTRASYSTEMS partner status, within the framework of the renewed and optimized HP Partner First partner program, enables to improve significantly the quality of services provided and to offer the special cost-effective purchase terms of HP equipment and solutions for customers. This is possible due to an expanded selection of solutions and directions that best meet the partner’s specialization and customer requirements.

INTRASYSTEMS step by step, confidently earning an expert reputation in system integration, and the HP Partner First Silver Partner status of is another confirmation of this. The new status ensures the high professional level and qualification of INTRASYSTEMS, as an authorized HP partner in the development and implementation the different level and scale IT solutions, using HP equipment.