Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender will help to overcome the global chip shortage.

It’s perfectly clear to everyone that the demand for new graphic cards overwhelms the demand on the market. The combination of the pandemic, natural disasters and unpredicted consumer demand led to global chip shortage. The market forecasts that the supply problem will carry over to 2023. 

At the same time, many companies are forced to move calculating processes to clouds to support employees that work remotely, and so the supply problem is as relevant as ever. 

Apps that require resources stored in the data processing center (both in the local and cloud), consume large amounts of resources and push the equipment to its limits.

Remember, Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender has your back, as it will allow you to use the resources of end-points to launch powerful applications, like software for designing and graphics and move it to the virtual environment.

The users will be able to connect to their virtual desktop in normal mode, and the locally installed apps will be present in the “Start” menu. As a result, you get higher productivity, less load on the data processing center that is so important to IT-specialists. 

A demo will show just how convenient Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender for users really is.