Ivanti – integrated solutions for digital transformation.

The solution for digital transformation is as relevant for the IT sector, as it is for the cyber security field. INFRASYSTEMS portfolio includes solutions from Ivanti — a vendor that offers developments in the abovementioned fields.

Olga Shiyan, head of sales in the finance sector, INTRASYSTEMS, shared more about that with “Networks and Business”.

– Ivanti recently bought MobileIron, a famous player in the cybersecurity systems market, and INFRASYSTEMS has had a long partnership with them. What do you think are the goals and results of such a merger?

– In the modern world, the number of devices in use grows every day. The rapid growth of digitalization leads to the increased number of vulnerabilities – challenges for an organization. Another modern trend we see now is distanced work that has become our new reality. Ivanti has been a well-known company since 1985. In 2020 we saw one of the largest mergers, that resulted in Ivanti merging with another famous developer – MobileIron, a leader in EMM and UEM cybersecurity systems. By doing this, Ivanti has greatly improved its subdivision of informational security.

– Tell us about the projects of your company that utilize Ivanti solutions.

–INTRASYSTEMS has vast experience in implementation Ivanti developments in Ukraine for clients in the financial and telecommunication sectors. For example, one of our projects made for “Ukrtelecom”, based on Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management, was recognized as the largest implementation in Eastern Europe based on MobileIron solutions in terms of the number of users and devices.

– What are the main software solutions offered by Ivanti on the global market?

– Ivanti products combine five key IT technologies and provide integration with other systems for automation, IT management simplification and security.

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management allows for the creation of certain storages of work and personal spaces on work machines that won’t be able to exchange information with personal security policies settings.

Ivanti Neurons provides analytical data in real time that help to make faster and more correct decisions. Thanks to this, the speed, precision, and efficiency increase immensely.

Ivanti Neurons always detects and removes security threats before the users even discover them.

Ivanti Patch Management independently monitors the need for updates, searches for vulnerabilities, works with all VDI systems and greatly simplifies the business process of organizations, lowering the risks at the same time.

Ivanti Device Control secures efficient scalable protection that supports any device. Creating “white” and “black” lists is available, as well as, copying restrictions, password blocking, and easy detection of vulnerable files, making them inaccessible to random users.

ITSM (Enterprise Service Management) — is the most popular vendor’s solution that automates all business processes in IT. A specially designed mobile app that helps to manage requests and settings by using mobile ITSM is a distinctive feature. The software works with any database, allows to manage projects on service level (as a service for a specific department, if needed).

– What can you tell us about just another popular solution called Ivanti Asset Manager?

– Ivanti Asset Manager  is a platform for managing the life cycle of IT assets that allows finance organizations to take an equipment and software inventory according to international standards that provides all the necessary reports.

– What can INTRASYSTEMS offer to Ukrainian customers?

–INTRASYSTEMS has all the needed competencies and technical specialists that are ready to help with implementing various Ivanti and MobileIron solutions, sharing the experience of the already implemented projects along the way.

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