INTRASYSTEMS made a breakthrough in the rating of system integrators of Ukraine according the annual research of the “Networks and Business” magazine for 2019!

In the traditional summer research of the System Integration market in Ukraine by the “Networks and Business” magazine for 2019, INTRASYSTEMS takes the 9th position in the rating, including the implemented projects and other achievements! In comparison with the previous similar rating in 2018, in which INTRASYSTEMS was in 17th place, this is a significant increase!

In addition, it should be specially noted that in this year’s research INTRASYSTEMS was named one of the companies that made the greatest breakthrough in the growth of ranking positions. Quoting the article’s editor: “… In many respects, there is a reduction in the gap between the market leader and other integrators from the top ten list. Among the companies that made the greatest leap forward in valuations over the past year (showing the greatest gain in position in points), we would like to mention such integrators as Intrasystems, … “

According to the magazine’s analysts, 2019 ended quite well, high hopes were pinned on 2020, but “a virus has happened,” a significant decline is expected, and as the article says: “Many have become bad, but not all. At the same time, those who were able to create a margin of safety in 2018-2019, it seems, will be able to survive out the storm without critical losses.”

“The latest editorial comment, as well as the 9th position of the rating, very eloquently characterize the INTRASYSTEMS business nowadays. Our company is only 4 years old. From the earliest time of company existence to the present day, and despite the costs of the quarantine situation, we are maximally focused on the development of the most promising and demanded areas in the market. We carefully develop the team competencies, have preserved and increased the number of specialists, we are not afraid of experiments with personnel! Our success can be judged not only by the ratings, but also by the comprehensive portfolio of solutions. And the list of completed projects in various business areas has already grown in 2020!”, – says Oleg Bashinsky, INTRASYSTEMS’ Commersial Director.