INTRASYSTEMS becomes the Silver Partner of SAS Institute

INTRASYSTEMS announces the signing of a partnership agreement and the Silver Partner status achieving with SAS Institute, the world leader in the technologies and tools creation for the intelligent analytical processing of business information (Business Intelligence). The partnership with SAS Institute greatly expands INTRASYSTEMS’ team opportunities in the field of complex projects implementation of industry-specific analytic solutions for business.

In order to achieve this status, INTRASYSTEMS has fulfilled the necessary set of requirements of the SAS Alliance partnership program, including the sales specialists’ accreditation of vendor’s solutions. As a Silver Partner, the company can resell SAS software licenses, supply and support SAS solutions and have access to a reliable set of partner benefits.

To date the advanced SAS technologies are recognized as the most perfect in the field of Business Intelligence. The SAS solutions are unique because of in-depth analytics that allows to solve forecasting and optimization problems, build events models, choose the most acceptable variant of actions and plan work taking into account many factors, identify and use new opportunities and improve the enterprise efficiency.

For INTRASYSTEMS, the opportunity to attract the best international experts of the SAS Institute, combined with experience and accumulated industry expertise, allows to offer customers the necessary tools for data analyzing for business optimization, integrated with other components of their information systems, taking into account the specifics of the any industry.

SAS is the world’s largest private IT company specializing in the development and sale of solutions and services in the field of Business Intelligence.
The company was founded in 1976, and to date more than 14 thousand employees work in its offices around the world. The company’s revenue in 2017 reached $ 3.24 billion. SAS customers are more than 83 thousand organizations in 158 countries. Among them – 94 companies from the first hundred leaders included in the list of “2016 FORTUNE Global 500®”. According to IDC in mid-2017, SAS occupies about 30.5% of the global market for in-depth analytics.