INTRASYSTEMS became Palo Alto Networks Silver Partner

INTRASYSTEMS received Silver status in the partner program of Palo Alto Networks – the developer of software and hardware solutions for the new generation Information Security. The partnership with Palo Alto Networks enhances the INTRASISTEMS accumulated competence with truly effective solutions in the field of Information Security, and opens up new opportunities to protect against threats from critical customers’ data.

Palo Alto Networks’ products are the next-generation security products, the family of innovative solutions integrated into a network security platform, endpoints and data centers. INTRASYSTEMS pays special attention to new generation Palo Alto firewalls that help to identify and monitor applications accurately, to resolve their use on the network safely, and as a result to protect corporate information systems at an early stage of the threat. Obtaining the Palo Alto partner status, INTRASYSTEMS plans to promote the entire new solutions family, focusing the audience’s attention on all the advantages of the vendor’s product lines – both from the IT services point of view and from the business point of view.

For now, the Information Security problem is particularly relevant. INTRASYSTEMS is an active conductor of new technologies and solutions in this field, and therefore our company is very close with the Palo Alto Networks position, which has recently expanded its product offer significantly. According to Gartner, Palo Alto Networks has become one of the industry leaders in a short time due to its innovative technology. Today the company’s customers are the largest organizations in the spheres of production, healthcare, education, IT industry and financial services.

Palo Alto Networks Silver status receiving gives to INTRASYSTEMS other advantages: the expansion of joint marketing activities, the use of developer’s technical tools and obtaining the set of solutions for networks security ensuring using the partner’s products. Therefore, we are sure that the partner status assignment will promote further fruitful cooperation!

Palo Alto Networks is an American company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, founded in 2005 and is a pioneer of the next generation approach for network protection. An innovative network security platform, the core of which is the next generation firewall, is based on PA-Networks’ unique App-ID technology, which provides security for the network at the application, user and content level, using both physical and virtual architectures. PAN network security solutions meet the highest requirements for network security, both in performance and functionality, and are the industry’s undisputed leaders, as confirmed by Gartner’s reports, the number of users (77,750 in 100 countries) and the company’s growing sales (10 times over last 2 years). Palo Alto Networks has offices in 17 countries, including Australia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, China and Japan.