INTRASYSTEMS becomes the Akamai Technologies’ Partner

INTRASYSTEMS announces partnership with Akamai Technologies, a global leader in content delivery, provider of cloud services to manage, optimize and protect online content and business applications.

INTRASISTEMS has completed all necessary procedures of partnership registration and has received the right to resell all products of the Akamai portfolio.

The partnership with Akamai allows INTRASISTEMS to bring the world’s popular network services closer to the user, to offer services that will help customers to reduce the cost of infrastructure through high availability, and expand their range of services by including Akamai solutions in it.

Akamai Technologies is a provider of services for website acceleration, and content delivery platforms and applications. Akamai uses 210,000 geographically distributed servers for faster content delivery to visitors. Akamai’s CDN-servers help to manage traffic on the most visited Internet sites, caching their content and redistributing information flows within the global network. CDN-servers are also used to repel DoS-attacks.
Akamai was founded in 1998.