INTRASYSTEMS became the Oracle Specialized Partner and obtained two Cloud Specializations at once

INTRASYSTEMS expands the range of Oracle Cloud Specializations on two cloud services at once: Oracle Infrastructure as a Service and Oracle Management Cloud. For INTRASYSTEMS, the Oracle Cloud direction development is one of the priorities and it’s finally confirmed by the official vendor’s statuses, which indicates the high level of company expertise and the practical experience in sales and implementation of Oracle Cloud services.

The official statuses of the Oracle Management Cloud Specialized Partner and the Oracle Infrastructure as a Service Specialized Partner include the provision of the wide range of services to the customers related to the transfer and operation of corporate application systems to the Oracle Cloud, as well as consulting, implementation and maintenance of the vendor’s cloud services:

  • Oracle Infrastructure as a Service is a class of various, integrated Oracle public cloud resources — Compute, Storage, Network, Container, Ravello, Cloud Machine. They provide infrastructure capabilities as a service, by subscription from the Oracle cloud and based on Oracle Cloud at Customers.
  • Oracle Management Cloud is a set of integrated cloud monitoring, management and analysis tools based on machine learning technologies and processing large amounts of operational data.

To obtain the new expertise, INTRASYSTEMS experts have done a lot of work: they passed all qualification tests from Pre-Sale to Implementation Specialist and implemented the number of projects using Oracle Cloud. The company has a dedicated team of the Oracle Cloud experts in order to study the implementing practices of the most advanced cloud solutions and to provide the customers with unique consulting and design services. And the new Oracle Specializations are on approach!

Oracle provides its partners with priority access to the demo environment. INTRASYSTEMS has its own Oracle Cloud resource to demonstrate the competitive advantages of Cloud technologies. The number of customers who consider the transfer of their information systems to the cloud is increasing, and a further demand increasing can be predicted. Having our own Cloud and our experience in testing the most advanced Oracle technologies is the guaranty for INTRASYSTEMS’ expertise demand.