INTRASYSTEMS introduces TM Aranet IoT wireless solutions for environmental monitoring.

INTRASYSTEMS introduces IoT wireless solutions for environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) manufactured by SAF Tehnika under the Aranet trademark. INTRASYSTEMS is a partner and exclusive distributor of SAF Tehnika solutions and products in Ukraine. INTRASYSTEMS has been cooperating with SAF Tehnika from the early beginning of company’s business and has a team of vendor’s solutions specialists.
SAF Tehnika launched Aranet solutions in 2017. Today they are presented with a wide range of products for wireless monitoring of various environmental indicators for a wide range of applications in various fields.

What is Aranet?

The Aranet system is a set of various wireless sensors with the aim of monitoring environmental indicators such as humidity of air and soil, temperature, atmospheric pressure, CO2, etc. A distinctive feature is the long operation of the sensors from one battery, it’s about 7-10 years. The data received from sensors is transmitted at different intervals to a compact Base Station, after which these data can be readed and analyzed by a workstation (PC) or on the Cloud Aranet cloud service. Data can be collected up to 3 km in direct line of sight between the Base Station and the sensors.
A mobile application for the operational monitoring of collected data has also been developed.

Who can use Aranet solutions?

– Agriculture and the agricultural sector
– Food chain stores
– Food manufacturers
– Warehouses for the various types of goods storage
– Premises and business centers where temperature, humidity and CO2 control is required
– Data Centers
– Schools and other educational institutions

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SAF Tehnika has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies. Our knowledge in microwave technologies has given us unique skills and know how to develop next-generation Industrial IoT solution for environmental monitoring – Aranet. The company is publicly traded and has been listed on NASDAQ Riga since 2004. SAF Tehnika venturing into Industrial Internet of Things terrain with newest product line Aranet – environmental monitoring solutions for a diverse range of businesses.