INTRASYSTEMS strengthens the ranks of experts in the field of Information Security!

It is no secret that INTRASYSTEMS is proud of its technical specialists! Their knowledge and expertise allow us to implement the most complex and complicated projects on the market! First of all, this is the Information Security direction. For now, INTRASYSTEMS has the strongest specialization in Ukraine in the field of IDM, including all the four key leaders of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists. We achieved such results by obtaining all the team necessary competencies in the shortest possible period and by implementing several projects in telecom, banks, and the public sector.

We also consider Cyber Security as a separate perspective area. Therefore, some time ago we set ourselves the task – to obtain the necessary competencies and strengthen the team in the near future. For a long time, we were in the debt of specialists and came into the conclusion, that a certain “vacuum” appeared in the market in this direction …….

And we also found a bold and experimental solution! We signed an educational contract with the State University of Telecommunications, namely with the Information and Cyber Security Department, one of the leaders in this field, and took a group of young specialists to practice. As a result of careful selection, today several successful and talented students of this perspective area are already working at INTRASYSTEMS.

And we expect that by 2020, that is, in the very near future, our company will replenish and strengthen with new talents from among students in the field of Information Security! We are also open to all the requests from young and ambitious job seekers in this promising field who want to get a new and interesting place to work in our company!

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