INTRASYSTEMS has received ITOM Gold Specialization from vendor Micro Focus.

INTRASYSTEMS expands the scope of partnership with the vendor Micro Focus and announces a new specialization – the ITOM product group. Until recently, INTRASYSTEMS was the holder of the Gold status of a Micro Focus partner specializing in Security product group with 4 product lines at once (Application Security, Unified Endpoint Management, Security Operations, Data Security).

For now, INTRASYSTEMS meets all the requirements of ITOM specialization, which are put forward by the vendor. Our specialists have passed all the necessary training on the technical and sales component of the partners’ program. And now we have IT Operations Management and Security products in our assets.

Business needs require optimization of the process of creating, changing and operating new IT services: accelerating the start of use, rapidly changing requirements, a continuous cycle of improvement. Our answer is Micro Focus ITOM solutions, which are now part of our solutions portfolio!