INTRASYSTEMS has signed a partnership agreement with Kofax and achieved the Kofax Silver Partner status

INTRASYSTEMS announces signing the partnership agreements with Kofax and obtaining the Silver Partner status of the American leading vendor in the field of innovative software and solutions for the intelligent input and automation of business-critical processes of the interaction with customers on the starting stage (First Mile™).

Kofax Silver Partner is the first partnership level. Nevertheless the Kofax Partner Program is structured in the way that offers the partner with multiple benefits in support, sales and marketing resources, on the each cooperation level.  All this benefits help the program participants to bring successfully products and services to the market and provide the best services.

The INTRASYSTEMS team fulfilled all the requirements of the partnership program needed for obtaining the Silver partner status and got certified with the Kofax products including Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), Kofax Total Agility (KTA). Using the acquired knowledge and skills, INTRASYSTEMS is ready to radically improve the quality of customer service and substantially reduce operating costs, thereby contributing to the growth of the customer’s business, increasing its competitiveness and profitability.

For INTRASYSTEMS achieving the Kofax Silver Partner status is an opportunity to expand the market and become a competitive business-partner for its clients, thanks to the Kofax industry leading products and services, created to meet current and future market requirements for software and data integration services. The new status and INTRASYSTEMS’s adherence to the improvement of its expertise and knowledgebase, create the foundation for the competences development and successful implementation. We are confident that such an approach guarantees our clients the quick return of investments and ensure the high degree of satisfaction with joint work, in general.