INTRASYSTEMS got the Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialization in Eastern Europe.

This status confirms the high level of the field-specific expertise of our specialists in designing, implementing, and maintaining Cisco solutions in the network infrastructure safety field.

Advanced Security has various technologies and solutions: inter network filters, solutions for web-traffic and corporate mailing system protection.

Advanced Security Architecture Specialization is a proof that our specialists have an expanded set of skills that will satisfy any needs that client may have, ranging from business protection to numerous and complicated modern threats. Having this specialization provides us with an opportunity to give the clients better solutions, depending on their business needs, from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

Remember, INTRASYSTEMS has a partnership with Cisco on Premier level and has other Advances vendor specializations. We are very thankful to Cisco for a high esteem of our competencies that will allow us to provide our clients with even more advanced level of service in network infrastructure safety field.