How to cut down the expenses on incidents connected to data leaks.

The pandemic, work from home, refusal to use AI and Zero Trust model have all led to high expenses spent on cyber security.

Today the number of data leaks and their scale is only growing, while detecting and preventing that is getting more and more time and resource consuming. So, the expenses the organizations spend on data breaches are record high in the last 17 years, and the 10% annual growth has become the largest in the last 7 years.

The organizations’ detection and reaction time to cyber-attacks during the pandemic is behind this spike. The work from home had a strong impact on the time required for detecting and locating the breach. As a result, the companies that have more than 50% of work done from home have their expenses growing by 16.6% because of the breaches, while the organizations that have the same amount of work without WFH are just fine.

It’s worth noting that the security systems automatization and AI use drastically decrease the time that is required for detecting and locating the breaches, saving the resources spent on the cybersecurity. The companies that have fully automated safety systems have cut down their expenses on data leaks almost by 80%.

DLP-systems can provide a reliable protection in these trying times, the technology that allows to prevent the leak of confidential information. The leading Forcepoint DLP secures the awareness of and control over the data to protect it, no matter how it’s used, stored, or shared. Forcepoint DLP system expands data control tools to corporate cloud apps and end-user devices.

INTRASYSTEMS specialists have a large experience of implementing similar solutions and they are ready to help your company to protect confidential information from leaking.

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