Expenses spent on cybersecurity. Expectations VS reality.

In modern world, the expenses spent on cybersecurity are reaching cosmic figures. However, the number of cybercrimes in reports are still strongly underestimated, so the real picture is far from the statistics. According to a study, each year more than 70 million people become the victims of cybercrimes. Basically, every 100th person on our planet is a victim of cybercrime!

The top four countries with the largest losses connected to cyberattacks are these:

  • USA: 5.28 million victims, 28 billion USD loss;
  • Brazil: 5,8 million victims, more than 26 billion USD loss;
  • Great Britain: 4.88 million victims, 17.4 billion USD loss;
  • Russia: 3.4 million victims and more than 15.2 billion USD loss.

It’s worth noting that countries with a higher number of registered cybercrimes don’t necessarily have a higher level of cybercrime than the countries with fewer cybercrimes. More likely than not, the difference lays in the report system and the fact that different countries have different interpretations of “cybercrime” and thus, some crimes might not be included in their statistics.

“Cybercrime” term itself contains numerous mischiefs done by the criminals: from data leaks in the Internet to botnets attacks. Nowadays, DDoS attacks and phishing campaigns are as popular as ever, online-scam with the use of fake web-sites and Trojan apps are also widely spread. The most popular tool for hackers is still ransomware, while the attacks have become more pinpointed.

As of today, the scale of cybercrimes is huge and it’s slightly covered in mystery, as the data about cybercrimes is usually very underestimated both in victim reports that report only 15% cases, and in creating the reports about the cybercrime levels in different countries. The figures are also quite different because the cybercrimes reports rarely include losses that came with equipment replacements, expenses spent on restoring the functionality of systems and a whole set of other factors. Lack of transparency and report makes it hard to truly estimate the scale of the problem.

With that being said, it’s obvious that different cybercrimes have different consequences and losses that range from tens of dollars to thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just looking through the latest IC3 report proves that. According to the latest data, victims of cybercrimes lose around 5 304 dollars on average.

When analyzing the amounts of losses due to cybercrimes, it’s easy to understand why cybercriminals are closely monitoring the cybermarket. The minimal risk or its absence leads to a huge revenue from the ransomware and such. The absence of real reports also leads to mistrust from the victims (lack of desire to report the crime), gaps in acknowledgment of these crimes, and flawed legislation and criminal procedures that would hold cybercriminals responsible.

To sum up, we would like to remind you that preventing a cyberattack is much easier than dealing with its consequences that sometimes are devastating for business.

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