Citrix makes app delivery and protection significantly easier.

Citrix launches a new, intent-based cloud solution for process automation that will enable IT services to improve the work environment for employees and business results for the company.

Safe app delivery is one of the most difficult tasks that IT services face. But it will soon change.

Citrix Systems, Inc has announced the launch of a new intent-based cloud solution Citrix App Delivery and Security Service™ that automates the process in real time. It’s the first and the one-of-a-kind solution that simplifies all stages of app delivery, including resource distribution, security, adaptation, and management. Now, IT services will have a powerful tool to provide users with productive and convenient work conditions.

Comfort in work with apps is the new currency of IT services. Organizations that offer safe and reliable apps have a new opportunity to raise their competitive capability and productivity of employees, but it requires a new approach and an app delivery system that can detect and fix the problems automatically without bothering the users.” Rohit Mehra, vice president of IDC, an independent analytical company and a group of network and telecommunication infrastructures.

AAlways learn, adapt, and protect.

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service will help to transform slow, manual delivery of apps into an efficient, automated and goal-centered process. This solution will provide IT services with the flexibility required by business tasks and show excellent results.

Main features of the solution:

  • Goal-oriented. The solution automatically puts the technical and business goals into the settings and policies of apps delivery and protection. For example, if the administrator gives a maximum delay threshold for any specific region, the servers and systems will be adjusted to follow that parameter when delivering apps.
  • Self-recovery and constant optimization. The solution automatically detects and removes problems that occur during the app delivery, including shutdowns, a decrease of productivity and implementation of new requirements. For example, when a slow server is found, it can be automatically deleted from the load balancing pool.
  • Internet condition monitoring. The solution gathers and analyses information from 10 billion data input points from more than a billion users working in 50 thousand networks, covering 200 countries. So, with Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management™ help, you get a full picture of the Internet state in real time. With this data on hands, IT services will be able to support the necessary level of service, optimizing the apps behavior for specific users and determining the best platforms for placing additional hosting sites in case of traffic increase.
  • Integrated apps and API protection. A built-in network firewall of web applications, bots management system and API protection provide global security to the most valuable and vulnerable assets.

Citrix Application Delivery and Security Service will become available in the Q4 of 2021. More on that here.

Citrix helps organizations to maintain unification of the work environment and comfort of use no matter where the work is done, be it in the office, home or somewhere else.

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