INTRASYSTEMS invites you to attend webinar:
"Cel-Fi solutions Products line ", July 23 at 10:00, Kyiv.



Cel-Fi helps to solve the problem of poor coverage of 3G / 4G mobile communications in the house, apartment, office, non-residential premises, warehouse, business center, car, yacht, etc.

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At the webinar, our expert will talk about the Cel-Fi solutions products line, and answer the following questions:
- Why do we need Cel-FI solutions?
- What Cel-Fi models are presented on the Ukrainian market, how do they differ from each other and what is the principle of their application?
- What standards and technologies support Cel-Fi solutions?
- What can I do with the Cel-Fi Wave mobile application?

After attending the online webinar:
- you will understand the principles of operation of Cel-Fi equipment;
- you will learn what equipment will help to solve your problem with an internal covering;
- get a basic knowledge of the Cel-Fi product line and the principles of its use.

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